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About Alan

Alan Brown – Owner

Resumes are supposed to start at the beginning and mine goes back a ways.  The US Army introduced me to Northern Virginia during the Viet Nam era.  The Army sent me to Rosslyn to study Laotian for fifteen months with plans to send me to Laos as an interrogator.  Somehow—this was before computer systems for tracking anything and everything were perfected—they sent me to Texas after language school and lost me. 

The year and a half I spent in Rosslyn convinced me I wanted to come back and live in a place where the local news was national news.  Northern Virginia was perfect.

The GI Bill paid for my graduate degree in Accounting so the thirty-three months and two days in Army green were worth the investment.  As a Certified Public Accountant I spent the next twenty years as a management consultant for two national consulting firms.  The work was fabulous, helping businesses and some federal agencies sort through troublesome issues and implement workable solutions.  That was fun.  But the travel was brutal and after a while all the hotel rooms and airports started to look the same. 

While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do next, a friend said he was swamped and needed help with his appraisal business and my financial background would be perfectly suited to determining real estate value.

That’s what I do now: help people determine the value of one of the biggest assets in their portfolio, their real estate investment.  With my background as a CPA, my approach to value is analytical and the results are supportable and explainable.

My experience in Northern Virgina is extensive.  I’ve seen the area grow from one seven-story high-rise in Rosslyn–with a smattering of pawn shops, lumber yards and used car dealerships thrown in–to the mini-city it is today.  That growth has steadily spread west and south and shows few signs of stopping.  I’ve lived and appraised all over Northern Virginia for a lot of years, from Arlington to Culpeper, from one-story ramblers to 100 acre horse farms and lots in between.  If you need some help determining the value of your real estate, I’m able and ready to help.  Give me a call and let’s chat.